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Post by trophydude on Tue Feb 09, 2016 4:10 pm

This is the original version of the billboard.   November 2014

Billboard to Billboard   /   Business to Business

#1 The Market Place @ Concerts in the Park PLUS the Bluegrass Festival / Yep, both events
* All members can set up for sales
* Food vendors for dinner & drink
* This could be cool. Wine and beer tasting at the Bluegrass. Ticket sales.
* Develop a kids program via the B&G club and the skate club’s Maureen and Stacy.
* Displaying vendors should supply gift cards to be used towards raffles.

#2 IV News
* Purchase major acreage in the paper
* Articles concerning chamber news & happenings on a weekly basis.
* Weekly coupon ads. [Member buy-in]
* Working towards a monthly full page ad of coupons and news.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chamber member marketing:
* Blaster / e-news letter
* IV News
* A Working website. Major push, become web based.
-- create web banner
* Membership sales kit: intro letter, directory, etc
* Facebook – public and a private planning room for us
* Use of chamber logo in member advertising
* Purchase new IVCC banner to be hung at Wild River.
* Listing in the Grants Pass Profile – GPJC Chamber magazine.
* Listing in the IV News Tourist magazine.
* Individual member brochures stocked at visitor center
* Explore member direct mail possibilities USPS
* More involvement in the non-profit IV Network.
-- Support our members, so they can support you too
-- Web banner on their website that redirects back to our site.
-- Retailers buy local crafts to sell.
* Member directory brochure
-- Possible distributions points: city hall; all members; GP chamber’s office, the JoCo county building in
GP; west to the coast
--Purchase acrylic counter brochure stands.
* Coupon book:
- Tourist and/or a general purpose of valley interests. Free distribution [Member buy-in]
- Humm. Possible fundraiser for us. Our philanthropy slush fund.

* Trade shows / conventions / exhibitions. Events are for members only. Exhibitors equally cover all
show expenses. Possible locations: Selma Center, HS or LB; county building, senior center.
** Home & Garden show. All trades: contractors, True Value, IV lumber; onsite manufacturer’s reps
** Women’s day spa.
* Shop Local
* Buy Saturday
* Online merchandising at the “IV Chamber General Store” [Back to that functioning website]
* Mucho emphasis on the Christmas season.
* Beautify the main drag. Got paint?
* We need to have our own exhibitor table for Labor Day, car show, etc.

Billboard Swag / generic and personalized
* Gift line: apparel; mugs…..
* Etched wine glasses & beer steins. Bluegrass, for starters.
* Member stores to sell retail.

Welcome kit for all new members:
* A personalized Billboard wall plaque
* Chamber logo window sticker
* IVNews announcement
* Welcome aboard letter
* Hello In person
* Copy of Bylaws
* Printed member directory

Annual Membership Dues-
* $130.00. Time to do the math
* We need the working capital. R & D cost money.
* Create a 2 tier membership program.
-- Prospector – basic $130.00
-- Gold – cost TBD. Package includes support of both the Bluegrass Festival and the Market Place at
Concerts in the Park
* Yep, lots of bennies when you PAY 2 PLAY
* Heck, just the “Chamber Member Marketing” section is worth the price of admission.
* Payment Plan - ½ down at signing / balance within xx days.

Currently, $100.00 gets ya a status quo membership, with nothing new on the horizon being offered.
But, $130.00 gets ya all the above and more. As an investment, it’s a small price to pay in helping to bring,
“Unity in the Community”
*** In the spirit of Christmas; if we think like regular reindeer, we’ll never fly.

The Punch Line
* Create a narrative slideshow. Plenty of photos available. Dialog to be written. I have someone in mind
for narration. U-tube, websites. . .

Time to SELL the Concept / Schmoozing / The first of many mixers
When our product is ready for market, we host 2 buffet breakfast mixers at Trina’s. One for current
members and one for non-members. The Grants Pass C of C to be a guest speaker at both events.
* Member mixer / Reservation required / Explanation of the Billboard concept.
* Non – member mixer / Invitation only / Introduction to Chamber 1.0
* Budget $350-400 for up 45 people per gathering.

I have been consistent in saying these 3 words: EXPOSURE, AWARENESS and OPPORTUNITY. The
latest phrase is, “Trickle -Up”. My theory is just a tool to help someone promote their business in the
valley via the IVCC. Put your seatbelts on, there will be some turbulence till we reach a crusin altitude.
This a grassroots movement that’s gaining momentum. Now boarding at gates 199 & 46…..

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